Update on my Work From Home Experiment: How Different Income Streams are Doing

A while ago, somebody told me that if you just create enough little income streams, you can make good money. Well, I took it to heart and decided to do an experiment: start multiple online businesses and just watch and see how each one does, and continue to pursue the winners. If I fail, just stop and get a job. Well, I just checked and my work from home experiment is picking up a little finally. Not much but it’s still encouraging. The main thing with starting a few different home businesses for me has been a willingness to stick with them until they finally take off. I am making like, not very much at all and I’ve been tempted to give up. I went on a job interview recently however, and did terribly, so I kind of have a renewed desire to succeed with my little business ventures. So, I’m not making much, but I can tell that success is simply a matter of time, hard work, and patience, with a little know-how too. For my blog, it needs more followers and returning readers and new traffic that will come with time, as I increase the amount of posts. For my online clothing thrift store and boutique, again, I need more Poshmark and Etsy followers/returning customers/traffic, which takes time. With an online store, the key is having a large number of items to select from. The more the better. The fashion styling app that I am a contractor for is there when I need money and am not making any, as it’s guaranteed money. UpWork.com is reliable too; it’s good side money. The fashion styling app contract gig and UpWork are things you could even do full time and pay all your bills. Of the two, however, I like UpWork more, as I just love to write and always will, and fashion styling is fun but has gotten kind of old. Still do it from time to time, however. So, overall, if you want to work from home, if you go the freelance route, I’d highly recommend UpWork if you can write or code or have any sort of skill that you could do from home. There aren’t too many fashion styling apps out there, so work is scarce if you want to do that, just f.y.i. If the company I’m working with goes out of business, it’s uncertain whether I’d be able to get another gig doing the same thing. Depends on future events, and I don’t have a crystal ball. If you want to start your own online business, just make sure you’re willing to work hard, stick it out during dry periods, and learn all you can about how to succeed in your particular niche. Other than that, just do something you’re passionate about. I have so many interests that it was hard to pick, and wound up getting certificates and diplomas in several different things, kind of a random assortment. But it all worked out, because I pulled it all together in this blog and on this website, and kind of turned myself into a business. So, chase your dreams is my number one piece of advice. Do what you love, and the money will follow, as my dad always told me. Well, that’s all for today, and thanks for stopping by my blog!
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