How to Wear A Crop Top Modestly (Yes You Can Wear Them as a Christian)


So, I’ve been a virtual fashion stylist with an app for a couple years now, and I’ve loved it. One thing I keep seeing is requests for styling crop tops, and usually the goal is to show off the midriff. But, for a Christian, most feel this is inappropriate. I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to miss out on this cute trend for modesty’s sake. There’s a trick, and it’s actually really trendy and popular right now. It looks so fashionable and modern, yet still modest and appropriate for Christians. Just one simple thing: high-waisted jeans/pants/shorts/skirts. These have been in style again in recent years. High waisted jeans, shorts and skirts are a retro look inspired by fashions of past eras, and they are ultra-flattering on many different figures. I’m not talking about a little high, either. I’m talking about like, all the way to the smallest part of your waist high. You’ve gotta style them appropriately to avoid a frumpy look, and that’s where crop tops actually shine. Paired with ultra-high waisted jeans, crop tops actually look pretty modest. The combination covers the midriff, and looks very stylish. You’ll want to make sure your jeans or skirt or shorts are high-waisted enough, and you’ll want to make sure your crop top is long enough. A tip would be to go for a loose fitting crop top, one that doesn’t fit close to the body and drapes kind of loosely, like a box-ish shaped crop tee. If it’s long enough, this will eliminate the possibility of it riding up and showing the midriff. You’ll want a few inches of overlap with the crop top and the jeans, with the crop top being a few inches longer so it hangs over the jeans and you avoid it riding up if you sit down. In my opinion as a stylist, it looks very fashion-forward and on-trend. Try a graphic crop tee with high-waisted jeans, and you’ll get San Francisco vibes. One last tip would be to make sure your skirt is long enough if you decide to go with one. Mid-thigh to knee-length would be a good skirt length, in my opinion. Just because when I wear dresses or skirts, I’m plus-size and on my body type skirts and dresses that are too short just feel uncomfortable ’cause I’m constantly trying to make sure it doesn’t ride up or blow up in the wind like I’m a fluffy Marilyn Monroe. Knee-length is my favorite skirt length, because it feels comfortable – just because it doesn’t feel like it’s going to blow or ride up easily. Mid-thigh is also good. Any shorter than that and it’s a micro-mini on me, and I feel like I have to babysit it to make sure I don’t have a wardrobe malfunction. Well, I hope this helped, and have fun rocking a crop top modestly if you just so happen to decide to!



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