Getting Through the Work Day When You Have a Mental Illness


So, today’s post was inspired by my day at work today. And the last day. And every day since I began working in food service recently. I am just going to be honest: I’m struggling to do things that would seem really easy to someone with a healthy brain. My particular mental disorder is schizoaffective disorder, which is a mental disorder with a combination of schizophrenia and mood disorder symptoms.

My mental illness definitely affects my working speed, comprehension of directions spoken to me, my memory, my ability to concentrate, my ability to pay attention, and many other things. And I’m just going to be real: the working world can be unforgiving of any kind of mental disability. The reality is, if you aren’t performing at a normal level and are struggling mentally, people will get mad at you. Generally, people aren’t very understanding of mental illness in the working world.

Okay. I’m sure you get the point. It’s tough out there. But now for some positivity. So, even if you fail, you know what? There’s honor in trying your very best. You can always get right back up and try again. I’ll tell you how I’m getting through the stress. I’ve just decided that the only way I’m going to stop working at my job is if I get fired. I’m gonna give it my all, and if I fail, at least I tried. And I’m gonna get right back up and try to find another job if I fail.

I feel like God reminded me today that trying your very best is all you have to do, and it’s okay to fail. Today He reminded me that no matter what happens, He’s proud of me for trying, and if I fail, I just gotta get back up again. So I’m passing that message on to you. If you’re struggling at work, just make up your mind to not go out without a fight, and don’t be too hard on yourself. Do your best, and never give up.

Working isn’t always fun when you’ve got a disability, but if it’s something you want to do, then there’s nothing wrong with that. Just gotta be tough and able to handle people getting frustrated with you. And pray, pray, pray at work when you are overwhelmed. Prayer is your lifeline when you’re struggling at work. I want to run out the door crying and quit sometimes. But I think of the people I love who are depending on me, and I say Lord please help me get through this, and then I keep on fighting.

I hope this post has blessed you, and if you’re struggling, just know that you can lean on God through it all. You don’t have to carry your burdens alone; just ask and He will always help you carry the weight.



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