Meekness and Longsuffering (Short Thinking-Out-Loud Post)


So, this post came out of me typing up a whole other post with the intent of sharing my opinion. But I read a Bible verse that completely made me erase it and start over with this one instead. The Bible verse was essentially (in my paraphrase): “if someone forces you to go with them one mile, go with them two”. I feel like I try to force people to love me and be kind to me, and to love each other and be kind to each other. And that’s not Christlike. Christ taught a lowly, humble, meek and long-suffering kind of love. Not a demanding kind of “love” (that doesn’t even sound like it could be a kind of love). So while the Bible says to weep with those who weep, it’s not right to demand that others weep with us. It’s not right to be demanding and have like an entitled mentality in any way. We are supposed to die to self and live for God first, and others second. This really hit me hard. The solution is to empty myself of me, and be a blank slate for God to write on. Not like a vessel full of opinionated selfishness. I need to be an empty vessel for Jesus to fill.

How is this related to mental health? You will not be at peace and have joy if you’re living for self. The way to peace and joy is not in having your desires fulfilled. You’ll just be hungry for more and more and more and never be satisfied. Christ is the only one that can satisfy you. If you’re sick of suffering, pray to be an empty vessel for Christ to fill. Only then will you have the peace and joy that everybody is so desperately trying and failing to wrest out of this world and this life.

I also wanted to share this kind of for accountability. I forget things easily, so I’m putting it on my blog. Thanks for stopping by and reading if you did.



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