Weight Loss Update


So, I have no dramatic before and after photos to show for it, but I am happy to say I have lost 6 pounds since I started working out four days a week and eating right. I am technically considered obese right now, and I recently joined a gym to finally do something about it. I consulted with a personal trainer and I have been following the recommended plan to the tee.

I have struggled with my weight for a long time now (seven years), and even though it’s only 6 pounds, it feels like a huge win. The gym is my favorite place to be lately; I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes after I complete a workout. And I have definitely enjoyed stepping on the scale every day and seeing the reading slowly go down. I also feel good while I do my workouts because I know I’m taking care of my health and being proactive in reaching my goals.

Fitness is a passion of mine, and I went as far as to become a certified lifestyle and weight management specialist back in 2018 with NESTA.


Up until joining the gym, however, I hadn’t been doing what I know I should be for my health. But now, I’m actually making an effort to make the changes in my lifestyle.

I did pray for God’s help with losing weight a while back, and even though it’s a mundane part of life, I don’t believe weight loss is too small or ordinary for God to care about. I know I’ve treated my body pretty badly over the years, and now I’m trying to take care of it. The Bible does say that our bodies are temples of the Lord, and it makes sense to take care of them.

Overall, I am stoked about losing six pounds. My heart also seems to not be racing like it did before I started working out. I think it’s due to the cardio I’ve been doing. So, over time I will be posting more updates, and when I reach my goal I’ll be posting before and after photos! Thanks for stopping by,





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