Drafted My First Knitting Pattern Today (A Cowl Neck Sweater)

So a little bit ago I picked up a giant ball of green yarn, and I also ordered a knitting pattern drafting book recently. I’ve been knitting for a few years now (about three), and I have been sewing since I was fifteen. I completed a diploma in dressmaking and design last year, and my favorite part by far of creating clothing is pattern drafting.

I’m a huge pattern drafting nerd, and everything about it just fascinates me and excites me. Well, I am happy to say that today I drafted my very first knitting pattern! I will be posting the pattern on this blog for free if it knits up how it’s supposed to (just wanna share the love).

Right now, I am knitting it up, and I’m enjoying it so much. Knitting keeps me from obsessing about depressing things because I really enjoy doing it and it takes my attention away from my problems. Writing is similar for me. I think creating art is so important, because it makes life more joyful.

So far in my knitting journey I’ve learned the knit stitch, the purl stitch, and two bind-off methods. I can knit a scarf and a beanie without a pattern, but I have yet to learn how to cable knit and do any kind of ribbing correctly. My pattern is designed to just be knit in garter stitch for the whole thing, without any ribbing or anything. You could say it’s designed for less patient knitters like myself. Despite the fact that I’m an impatient knitter, I’m trying to learn more patience. Knitting a sweater by hand will take a while, so that will probably help.

I’m hoping to get to the point where I can teach pattern drafting for knitting someday. That would be amazing and I’d be stoked. But for now, overall, I’m happy as a clam just knitting away, and by the way, again, the free pattern for the fitted cowl-neck sweater is coming soon!



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